Gentrification and the Urban Garden

The greening of the urban landscape is something that most of us aspire to. And to get even the smallest patch of green showing up in the concrete jungle often takes determination and practical ability.

So the recent story in the New York Times about realtors cashing in on the proximity of community gardens, and the opposition to that trend from the gardeners themselves, might be worth consideration.

An urban home either next to or overlooking a community garden has obvious appeal, but is there an element of exploitation in the realtors’ using other peoples hard won space as part of their sales pitch?

On the one hand it seems fair that the community should complain. It’s entirely possible that promoting the area in this way will push up prices and eventually perhaps drive the local gardeners out. On the other hand it could also be fair to say that the greening of the environment should not be reserved for just a few when it can be enjoyed, at least visually, by people who don’t have the space to grow their own.

Realtors seeking to capitalize on the appeal of urban gardening are clashing with farming nonprofits.…

Gentrification and the Urban Garden The New Yorker

Outdoor Clocks Make Great Garden Gifts

outdoor clock

An outdoor clock is a piece of garden furniture I’ve never really considered but now I see them I can think of a number of reasons why I would buy one.

A garden clock is a great addition to a garden with a swimming pool. It’s easy to forget time passing while swimming or lounging by the pool, so being able to look up and see a clock is a great advantage. Then there’s the barbecue. It’s also helpful to be able to glance up and see just how long that steak’s been cooking. Need the kids to come in at a certain time? The garden clock is a great reminder that homework should happen before dinner.

Some garden clocks are designed to add a strong decorative element, like the Metal Outdoor Wall Clockabove. You can now find clocks to complement just about any style of house and garden decor.

Outdoor Wall Clocks with Temperature Display

Garden clocks have temperature displays too. I like to keep a check on the weather. Is it really as hot/cold as I think it is? Check out the options below.

How to Create a Butterfly Farm

butterfly farm

The University of Kentucky has some great information on how to attract butterflies to your garden. It’s easier than you think and once you understand the types of color and nectar that butterflies prefer you can begin to encourage them to lay eggs and multiply.

Most of the plant varieties mentioned are fairly common and grow in many different regions of the world.

Butterfly gardening is very popular right now

Butterfly gardens are a great source for your own enjoyment, photo opportunities, or an outlet for artistic talent. These gardens can also be extended to interest youth in nature, by providing a small window of native inhabitants of the local environment. It’s important to conserve butterflies when possible since their habitat is constantly diminishing due to the increasing needs and consequent development of roads and housing.

Get more information about butterfly gardens here

You can help increase the butterfly population by planting native plants that rare or threatened butterflies feed on. Done correctly, butterfly gardening can increase the populations of butterflies and add color and diversity to your garden.

Yard Signs That Make You Smile

fiveyardsYard signs can be threatening, welcoming, boring or just downright confusing but I think the best yard signs are those that make you smile, while still getting the message across. These cute signs would make great Christmas presents – for someone with a sense of humor, of course –  and that goes for the visitors too!

There are many more interesting yard, lawn or door signs available. See the whole Amazon range here.

But if yard signs don’t appeal to you, why not try brightening up your yard space with a few new garden containers. Read  The Minimalist Guide to Choosing Garden Pots to figure out what you need.


Best Grow Tent For A Square Space

Why go small when you can get a great yield from Amazon’s bestselling grow tent? This big beauty from LED Wholesalers won’t break the budget, but will give you enough room to grow tall or small, whatever suits your needs. Here’s our review of the LEDwholesalers GYO1014 78-Inch x 60-Inch x 60-Inch Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent which we consider to be the best grow tent for a square space.

Best Grow Tent For A Square Space

The advantages of a large tent are many. You have room to move around freely without disturbing the plants, and at 60″x60″x78″ tall it’s going to be easy for most people to stand upright inside. There are of course bigger grow tents and grow rooms available, but this one seems about right for people with a spare room, basement or loft, enough space to build it, and reasonable growing requirements.

LED Wholesalers 5x5 grow tent
The unit is square (5ft x 5ft) so it’s not one you can live with comfortably unless you have a large space. But if space is not a problem the generous proportions of the LEDwholesalers GYO1014 78-Inch x 60-Inch x 60-Inch Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent will provide growing room for a good number of plants.

The height is also an advantage if you intend to grow tall plant varieties. You will need to allow a certain amount of clearance between the plants and the light fittings. This will of course vary according to the type of lights you install and the amount of heat they generate. You will also need to calculate the size of the pot in relation to the expected height of the plants and the size of the light fitting.
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What You Get With The LED Wholesalers 5 x5 Grow Tent

  • Easy assembly – no tools required
  • Water-resistant floor tray can be removed when necessary
  • Unit comes with 3 vent duct holes
  • Ventilation windows
  • Black polyester canvas material on the outside
  • Reflective silver inner MYLAR lining that is guaranteed non-toxic
  • Sturdy metal frame with easy nylon push-lock corners
  • Light-tight construction prevents light leakage and disruption of plant’s light cycle
  • Tough sewn-in zippers
  • Metal grid in ceiling for hanging lights and accessories
  • Suitable for both hydroponics and soil-based cultivation
  • Discreet packaging

 Assembly Tips

Best Grow Tent for square space

Grow tents of this type are easy to assemble – first build the frame and then slip the cover over the top. However, if you’re a one man/woman operation it’s been suggested that you build it from the inside as the large cover may not be easy for one person to handle. We’ve never tried building the frame from the inside but it’s definitely worth considering.

Grow tent customers are also advised to keep a roll of duct tape or other adhesive handy to make sure there are no gaps between vents and exterior fittings.

Instructions with grow tents are sometimes a little thin. One point to remember is that the floor tray sits inside the tent so that it can be easily slipped out for emptying if spillages occur. Don’t try to build the frame inside the tray – it won’t work.

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Best Grow Tent For The Price

This one comes in at around $168 on Amazon give or take a special or two. It comes with free super-saver shipping and that’s a definite  bonus. If you think you have the space for the LEDwholesalers GYO1014 78-Inch x 60-Inch x 60-Inch Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent get it now from Amazon while stocks last.

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